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organization || My Bullet Journal System & Time-Saving Semi-Migration Tip

The bullets are the foundations for the Bullet Journal method, and each person has their own system. Today, I’m sharing the bullet system I’ve been using and adapting since I started Bullet Journaling! Hopefully you can draw some inspiration and adapt what I’m doing to suit your own needs!

When determining my own bullet system, I know that the main things I value in a system are as follows. If you value these things too, this system might be great for you too!

  • Adaptability to different situations (I actually use my bullet system in my school notes too!)
  • Simplicity (I hate having to refer back to a complicated key, so I keep my system as simple to remember as possible)
  • Accessibility by future me (In all the notes I take, I think it’s really important to make them archival so I can easily refer back to them at a later time)

The Bullets

My Bullet System

Avoid Rewriting: Semi-migration

A big concern with preparing a new to-do list for every day is that you might end up unnecessarily re-writing those tasks you didn’t manage to complete and check-off the day before! And, while it is important to keep your to-do lists short (I like to stick to a maximum of 3 big, main tasks and a few minor ones or sub-tasks), we all sometimes bite off more than we can chew in a day. So, in order to avoid re-writing, what I do is simple:

When each day is over, I make a “daily” section for the next day like normal. However, during the day, I not only look at the tasks I have written down that I need to do TODAY, but I also double check if there are any “open” tasks from previous days that week!

When all the tasks have been checked from a day, I add a little signifier at the top where the date is so I know I don’t have to look at that date for tasks anymore.

The signifier depends on my layout, but in this case, it’s a bar that connects the two divider lines in the title:

When I start a new spread entirely (read: flip the page), I always just rewrite any tasks I hadn’t yet done from the previous pages so I don’t have to flip back to look at my “open” tasks from weeks and weeks ago.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of my bullet system! Do you have a different kind of bullet category you like to use in your Bullet Journal? I’d love to hear it!

9 thoughts on “organization || My Bullet Journal System & Time-Saving Semi-Migration Tip”

  1. Hello! I am a planner, and just got into the world of bullet journaling. You’re an awesome person, I thought I was the only one who loved planning and asked for specific pens for my birthday, haha. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

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  3. I’ve only started Bujo-ing two days ago and am SUPER impressed with your organization skills (and basically everything you’ve offered to share us on YouTube)! Thank you so much!

    Would you ever consider making a video of your daily log?
    I’m still kind of stuck on daily logs, specifically migration.

    The original BuJo turns the incomplete dot (task) into a left (>) or right arrow (<). Right arrow goes to new/next month log, left arrow goes to the future log. Now I’m looking at your Bullet System notepad (the one with the zigzag turquoise sticker at the top).

    I understand the second migration line where you have the untampered square. I’m confused with the first one though. Where would you rewrite that for instance especially if you want to keep things simple and avoid rewriting? Did you assign it a new date like a few weeks from today? And for the third migration (the one with the diagonal arrow going North East) when you say monthly task log, is that the equivalent of (or similar to) the future log system (so left arrow for the original BuJo system)?

      1. Yeah… I feel kind of dumb but I’m still confused with the two questions above.
        1 – Where would you rewrite the task that was migrated (right arrow, crossed square)
        2 – Is the monthly task log the same as the future log?
        I’m still going through your YouTube videos but hopefully there’s a video where I see you actually do the migration. I’ve watched the original BuJo guy do it in his 5 mins video but your system is a bit different (even though they are fundamentally the same). Maybe I’m just tired and I’ll understand it all tomorrow lol.

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