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organization || Bullet Journal April Set-Up

Finally got around to setting up my April monthly spread and memories tracker! Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of the new things I’m trying this month!

Monthly Calendar

Since I first started bullet journaling, my monthly spreads have changed a lot. First of all, I no longer have a list format for my events each month. Being a very visual person, I love that my new monthly spread looks like my Google Calendar. But instead of keeping specific events and times like I do on my Google calendar, this one is for mapping out some of my main goals for each day.

You’ll see I’m especially using it to plan out my fitness goals for this month, since I’m getting ready for my first 10 km fundraising run!

I also love to add a little quote that I’ve been liking each month. This month, it’s “of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, ‘it might have been’.” I’ve been huge about “carpe diem” and going for what I want this month, so this is a wonderful mantra to remind me to live each day to its fullest and go for every opportunity!

And I’ve been totally digging flower doodles lately (pun intended)! 😀

Memories Tracker

I’ve also created a memories tracker this month. I stopped using these for a while, because I thought it would work if I just journalled in my diary, but I’ve found that it’s harder to do so every day if it’s not in the same notebook you keep track of everything else in.

And when looking back through my bullet journal, I realized my eyes gravitated towards the highly interesting “memories spreads” that give me a glimpse into what I was doing a few months ago. The goal with this is to really briefly write what you did that day. When you read it again, you’ll probably get a little flashback that will prompt the memory further – no need to go into huge detail! But if you do want to, you can always write in a separate, designated diary!

I’ve added a “mood tracker” for the first time in my memories spread. I’ve seen it a lot (in various extremes) around the Bujo community, and I thought I’d give it a try. I have four categories: happiness, health, productivity, and “no technology”.

I fill in how happy and how productive I felt each day with the corresponding colour from my scale. Then, I fill in how healthy I felt that day (both because of what I ate and how active I was). Finally, one of the key habits I’m working on this month is limiting my time spent in front of a screen. This is for eye health and for mental health. So, I decided to add this in as a little reminder and a goal to push towards each day!


Finally, my dailies have had a really nice layout lately that I really love, so I’m continuing that this month. It’s a very minimalistic style with the headers off to the side of the page. Loving it!!

Do you have specific spreads you like to use every month or things you track? Let me know in the comments!

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