art || Scratchboard Skull Study: Adventures in Reverse-Drawing

In art class, we’ve been working on a three-part skeleton study. The three pieces are:

  • Hand in graphite on white paper
  • Torso of skeleton in hard pastel on coloured paper
  • Skull on scratchboard

This particular piece (the skull) was especially scary for me to start because it’s a medium I’d never used before. It’s also a very strange medium, too: the areas you work on become highlights (as opposed to shadows, as is usually the case with most mediums).

I started with a blank canvas and slowly (excruciatingly slowly), I began to scratch away. It was tedious at first, but with the help of the Netflix show, “Thirteen Reasons Why”, I managed to finish it! So SO proud of the result!

And the zoomed-out final product…

I also shared it over on my Instagram, check it out:

I’d love to hear what you think! Any ideas what I should draw next with this medium?

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