organization || The Mistral Method: Colour-Coding and Note-Taking Overview

Okay. Before I go ahead and publish a general overview of my modified Cornell note-taking system (A.K.A. my proudest innovative creation), I think there’s one critical thing that needs to be established. The colour coding system. In any note-taking system, the colour coding system forms the backbone. In my case, my colour coding system is both simple, aesthetic (I stick to blues and pinks, as a rule, because I like those colours), quick to use, and can adapt to my handwritten notes as well as my typed notes (hence its "duality").

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writing || The Media and our Mental Health: Solutions to our Consumption Culture

A few weekends ago, I decided to try a social media blackout. Not for any particular reason but to see how it’d feel. Like many others, I too am addicted to my phone, social media, the constant pings that reach out to me from distances away and make me feel less like the single, unconnected… Continue reading writing || The Media and our Mental Health: Solutions to our Consumption Culture

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organization || Binder Index Printable: Study Better & Organize Old Course Material

Staying organized isn't only FUN, but it PAYS OFF, too! I've always thought it more important to study SMART, not just HARD, and one of the ways I make sure I can do that is by staying organized in all of my courses. I use my Bullet Journal to track tasks. For my notes, I keep coming back to either: Cornell system of handwritten notes Typed, concise summary notes that I print and highlight (Speaking of which: I'm looking forward to sharing with you how I take both of these kinds of notes! It's a big post though, so bear with me as I try to find the time for it.) As for the notes and all the course material itself, I've got a simple method to keep everything organized in their binders!