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organization || Grade 8 Math Summer Review Package

I’ve created this math review package for grade 8 students entering high school. It contains review questions for each key topic covered in grade 8, with an emphasis on integers, order of operations, and fractions – which, from my experience, is what most students struggle with.

Work through this with your tutee or child during the summer before starting high school!

PLEASE NOTE: These are the product of my sweat and blood. If you plan on distributing them or reusing them, I don’t mind BUT please give credit where credit is due. That includes giving this humble little blog a shoutout. Thanks.
For personal use only.

Click on the image below for the link to the PDF file!


Topic 1 | Regrouping (Addition and subtraction)

Topic 2 | Relocation (Multiplication and Division)

Topic 3 | Average Problems

Topic 4 | Operations with Integers & Order of Operations

Topic 5 | Algebra

Topic 6 | Geometry

Topic 7 | Percent

Topic 8 | Operations with Fractions

Topic 9 | Probability

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