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organization || Bullet Journal September Set-up

Yesterday, I took some time in the morning to set up my Bullet Journal for September and the start of the school year. I’ve filmed it, too, so you can follow along my set-up process. Here are the spreads I made:

  • monthly planner
  • monthly memories
  • monthly meal plan

I also debated with myself (and left it in the video too in case you want to see what the planning process looks like in my head :P) about whether I’d continue with day-by-day dailies or do weekly layouts like some bullet journalers do. And also whether or not I should create a new bujo for my long-term collections so I don’t have to keep rewriting them every time I start a new year. If you have any ideas about this, let me know, I’d love to hear them!

If you’re interested, this set-up in real time took me a total of about 45 minutes to an hour to do. I took my time. And I also split it up between two sessions, narrated what I was doing to you guys in the video, and researched how to set up a bujo meal plan all while doing the actual set up. Normally it doesn’t take me this long. Every month I spend about 30 minutes setting up, then every day it’s about 10-15 minutes in my bujo. I also journal and occasionally make other lists or decorate pre-existing ones, which take me extra time. But for me this is part of my lifestyle and it honestly (especially journaling) helps me relax and gather my thoughts.

In other news, finding background music for videos is SO HARD. I totally respect artists’ copyrights, as I’m fascinated by IP (intellectual property) law. But …. GOSH. I have no music ability whatsoever so making original music is impossible, to make matters harder.

BUT I ended up finding public domain music on SoundCloud for this video, so check it out if you need some for your own videos!

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