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organization || A Day in My Bullet Journal VLOG: First Day of School!

I think I’m a little crazy. First day of school was FANTASTIC, hectic, and I have so much to do even though I just got home at 9pm from work. And you know what I decide takes priority over everything else? Filming a quick vlog video. I’m not sorry. Just casually noting that I’ve gone mental. 😀

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this video! I show you:

  • What I do throughout the day in my bullet journal
  • A little bit about my bullet journal code
  • What my first day economics notes look like
  • Some tips for taking good notes IN class
  • A bit of rambly thoughts

This whole video-making thing is quite cool. I’m learning a lot. But at the same time I’m starting to get worried that if I don’t make sure it’s perfect beforehand, I’m going to mess this all up. I’m so SO grateful that (out of the blue) I’m getting an audience for these videos (and blog posts). It’s just amazing and startling and I appreciate it so much. And yet my evil perfectionist demon is saying “your past videos aren’t good enough, you have to remake them” and “this last video has too many things in it you could have broken it down into more videos and made them each better and more specific”. I think I just have to push this aside… Although I’m also curious (if you’ve read this far haha) what you think. In this video, for example, I just sat down and filmed. However, looking back, if I’d planned it out better, I could easily have made a separate bujo video and a separate econ notes video, etc. You get the point. Would that be better? I mean after all, I do want to have many videos in my channel “portfolio”, not just a few that already contain EVERYTHING I have to say, no? Hmm. Thoughts?


Enjoy the video. 🙂 Please like, comment and subscribe to let me know you liked it and to motivate me to make more (since clearly it’s working LOL)!

2 thoughts on “organization || A Day in My Bullet Journal VLOG: First Day of School!”

  1. Youtube bubbled one of your videos up for me to watch, which led me here. A word to your evil perfectionist: Your previous videos are fine. 🙂 Don’t spend time on changing them, that you could be spending on making new content (or just on life in general). You’re doing a great job with your editing, and even when you ramble a little, it tells us more about you as a person, and how you think. The one suggestion I’ll make is to always take the time to set up your tripod, even for a quick vlog. Shakey-cam is a bit hard for some of us to watch (though yours wasn’t too bad), and the tripod will make editing easier for you, too.

    Thanks for sharing your organization & productivity tools. I know I’ll be learning some new things from them. (Off to check out the Cornell note-taking system.)

    Oh, and because I don’t comment often, I’ll say this now: best of luck (and hard work) with college prep, and getting the college(s) and scholarships that you want! 🙂

    1. That’s so true. Thanks for your suggestions. And I totally agree – I should spend time on more videos not old ones! 😉
      I’m glad you enjoy my content, and thank youu for the kind words! <3 Good luck as well!

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