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My first-ever guest post is now published over on The Boosted Journal! I had a great time collaborating with Riccardo on this one, go check it out right here! Below is a little excerpt from the introduction.

Hey Boosted Readers! I’m super excited to be hopping over here today to chat studying and organization with you all! My name is Ioana, and I blog over at Mistral Sprit.

As a student in grade 12, one of my biggest projects has been to develop a great study system that’s practical and useful! Enter the Mistral Method! I love this system because it checks all my good-system boxes:

  • ADAPTABLE | I use it for typed AND handwritten notes, and I even use the same system in my bullet journal! No need to memorize different colour codes and styles.

  • EFFICIENT and QUICK | I HATE rewriting notes. I feel like I’m better off just studying. The Mistral Method withstands rapid-fire lectures and slow brainstorm sessions

  • ORGANIZED | I review, not study for tests – all because the process of taking the notes has already ensured I store the material in a logical, organized way – both in my brain and on paper.

  • TEST OF TIME | I’ve been using the same one for the past 2 years for all my subjects and it works perfectly!

If you want to see exactly how I use it, feel free to check out the video series I’ve made about it!

But instead of showing you my system, today I wanted to share a few simple tips you can incorporate in YOUR note-taking system to make it more organized, practical, and overall just a lil’ bit better! Let’s get started!

Read more over at the Boosted Journal! 😉 And be sure to check out Riccardo’s blog and Instagram, too!

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