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organization || March | Practical Bujo Set-up + Free Monthly Printables!

LOVING my new printables! This month, I set up using my monthly planner, memories, and food tracker printables. I used stamps to make the set-up fast, pretty, and easy. 😉

To grab your very own FREE copy of these printables, visit my blog post here!


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– Zebra Mildliner *
– MintPrintcess Customized Dotted Notebook
– Muji Hexagonal Polycarbonate Gel Ink Ballpoint pen 0.38 Retractable
– Staples AvantNext black pen (available in store only)
– Moleskine Classic Softcover *
– Filofax Executive Notebook (removable pages) *
– Pastel Coloured sticky notes *
– Transparent Muji sticky note case
– Lihit Lab Pencil Case *
* affiliate links

6 thoughts on “organization || March | Practical Bujo Set-up + Free Monthly Printables!”

  1. Hi! I remember in one of your past posts you said that feathers represent your personality. I’ve also noticed that you wear such pretty rings in your videos! This past week I got a ring for my birthday that I think you’d like. It has a feather on it:)

    I’m curious about the feather and other symbols you relate to. I think it’s so cool that you know yourself so well, and you can find artsy things to represent who you are! I want to do that too. Maybe you could do a post related to this subject?

    By the way, your art is amazing!!! I especially love the “sui generis” one and your watercolors. I’m so impressed by all that you do. Can’t wait for more posts!

    1. Oooh that’s SUCH a gorgeous ring! Happy birthday. 😉

      That’s a great idea! I’ll make a post so that all my symbols and reasons for them are in one place. In the meantime though, I actually talked quite a bit about the symbols that represent me in my “2018 Goals” video. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here (and I start talking about them around 10:00 mins): https://youtu.be/xXUHM8_BKqY?t=10m

      And thank you so much for the kind comment! I’m glad you enjoy my artwork and posts <3

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