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organization || 16 Ways to Use a Notebook

Trying to think of a good use for that beautiful new notebook? I put together a list of 16 creative ways to use your empty notebooks that are productivity-boosting and inspirational!

Now, I’m in no way an advocate for creating extra work for yourself by cluttering up your life with unnecessary goals, notebooks and lists, BUT I think you might get some ideas and inspiration from this video for your next favourite notebook!

Let me know in the comments below what other ways you use your notebooks, which of my ideas are your favourites, or if you’ve got some neat variations on the suggestions I made! I love reading all your comments. 😉

AND OF COURSE: HUGE congrats to Cristina M. for winning the Mint Printcess notebook giveaway! I’m sure you’ll love your notebook. Thank you all for participating!

The Ideas

  1. Bullet Journal
  2. Bullet Journal Collections book
  3. Ideas notebook
  4. Journal
  5. Q&A a Day
  6. Questions notebook
  7. Quotes journal
  8. Favourite things
  9. Letters to future/past self
  10. Writer’s notebook
  11. Apocalist
  12. Travel notebook/Places to Visit
  13. Sketchbook
  14. Scrapbook
  15. Health Tracker
  16. Blogging Editorial Calendar


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7 thoughts on “organization || 16 Ways to Use a Notebook”

  1. Loved the Q&A idea ! Could you give me, if not too intimate, one or two examples of questions you ask yourself ? Thank you !

    1. Glad you do! Since a lot of people ask me, I’ll make a post this week with the questions I use so you can get inspired. But some examples are:
      “what do you regret?”
      “what’s the last thing you bought?”
      “who are the most important people in your life right now?”
      “what is one thing you are working on right now?”
      If you look up “journal prompts” online, you’ll get some more ideas too!

  2. Hi, Ioana, I really enjoy your videos and printables. My question is what font do you use for section titles? I know I’ve seen it before but can’t seem to locate it now. Be safe and happy bujoing!

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