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lifestyle || Healthy + Mindful eating | Plan AND Track your meals in ONE free printable

So guys. My Mistral Spirit monthly planner printables have been out for a couple months now and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Not only do they save me so much time (because, frankly, laying out those 3 spreads each month was fun at first but I got tired of it after a while), but they’re so versatile and practical and just PERFECT. I’m seriously considering creating some kind of a journal/planner product in the future… Hmm.

In any case, I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am! If you haven’t heard of them yet, you can check them out over here:

Monthly Bujo Spread Printables || 10-Minute Practical February Set-up

HOWEVER, I’ve had one problem with my meal tracker spread that I’ve been mulling over and trying to work my way around.

Because it fits in a single two-page spread, it has a very small space for writing meals each day. This means that, realistically, you can only fit in what you ate and there’s not much room for error – for example, if you planned to eat one thing and decided instead to eat another. I’ve been using whiteout (which is cumbersome since I don’t usually carry whiteout around with me) to fix those kinds of mistakes. Or, in most situations, I simply don’t plan what I eat. I just form a vague idea in my mind of what I might cook or buy and then add it in only once I’ve actually eaten it.

Problematic? YES! Obviously it’s great to have somewhere to track your meals and how you feel after them, but wouldn’t it be SO MUCH BETTER to be able to plan out what you’re making for breakfast, what you’re packing for lunch, and what you’ll have for dinner to ensure a well-balanced day of eating real, wholesome foods AHEAD OF TIME?


Nope, I’m not selling you anything! You can make this at home in 5 minutes with just some sticky notes!

Here’s what you do:

Cut up some sticky notes into small rectangles so that they fit in the Mistral Spirit meal tracking boxes

Brainstorm (very generally) what your typical staple meals are

I categorized my staple meals into:

  • Breakfast
  • Meats additions
  • Base meal formats (soup, salad, etc.)
  • Sides

Write them on the sticky notes and use them to easily plan tomorrow’s meals

Please read: Important Reminder about “Healthy Eating”

Remember, a healthy relationship with food is one where you truly, honestly, openly just listen to your body! You have no way of knowing what you’ll want the following day, and you’ll be happier if you just give it what it wants. It will tell you, I promise. If you planned to have a salad for lunch but you body is craving some pasta, give it what it wants! As long as you’re eating whole, unprocessed foods, one option isn’t better, “cleaner”, or healthier than the other.

Hope you enjoyed! Download and print your own copy of these printables by visiting the link here:

Monthly Bujo Spread Printables || 10-Minute Practical February Set-up

You can cut them and paste them into your bullet journal, planner, or just use them as is! And make sure to tag me in your photos if you share them online! 😉



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