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art || Tropical Photography

In March this year, I traveled to Punta Cana for a lovely little tropical vacation.


I took a lot of photos while I was there, and am very proud of how some of them turned out. So I decided to share them with you, here, in a blog post! Enjoy.



The palm trees and coconut trees were gorgeous!


View from the beach.


The resort was huge and beautiful! The more I stayed though, I realized it felt very unreal. Like the majestic arches and statues lacked substance.


So many beautiful tropical landscape shots.


I love this picture because there’s so much movement! And my hair looks really cool (it really curled up from the humidity… wish it were like that all the time)!


There was a wine tasting while we were there, and it was a lot of fun! I’d just recently watched a documentary on fermentation, too, and I find the whole process (and the culture surrounding it) very interesting.



Always drinking a chai latte.


I was really into white, flowy outfits while I was there. It’s sort of a bohemian goddess style and I felt so comfortable and elegant in it. I looked for lightweight crochet, mesh, lace and silk pieces when I was packing.



This one is my favourite. I took it on the last day, when we woke up early to go for one last walk on the beach before our flight. The ray of sunlight brushing down from the sky adds a tinge of magic to the scene too.

Let me know what you thought of this style of post! Might do more in the future, I think it was fun to put together and I get to share my photography as well.

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