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organization || APRIL watercolour bujo planner set-up

I love April because

  • it starts with A
  • the weather gets warmer
  • flowers start to bloom

So this month I decided to whip out my watercolours and paint some pretty flowers around my monthly printables. By the way, if you haven’t yet gotten your copy of my monthly printables for this month, check them out by clicking the image below:

Memories - with sidebar ALL symbolsAlso, I changed a few things in my bujo this month:

Scheduling my days

I decided to start using Google calendar to schedule the time in my days. It’s easier and efficient! Plus, it’s kind of fun.

Using my monthly planner

I’ve also been using weekly task lists instead of dailies, and just tackling various things throughout the week. So, I’m using my monthly calendar printable to generally jot down key tasks I want to accomplish that day for each of my four categories (fitness, academic, creative, social).

Planning in my meal tracker

You can read how (and why) I did this in my post lifestyle || Healthy + Mindful eating | Plan AND Track your meals in ONE free printable.


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