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art || how to improve your handwriting

It sounds really weird to say it out loud, but in grade 3 I literally made it my life goal to improve my cursive handwriting.

I went through the same five steps to improve your handwriting that I describe in this video, and then when it came to practicing, I would take FOREVER to copy down notes. Like seriously. I was the last one done.

Ironically, I remember my grade 3 mind thinking, “eh, I’m in grade 3. What does it really matter how fast I can copy down notes?”

In any case, that one year of embarrassment (and one very frustrated teacher) paid off. I’m really proud of my handwriting now, even though it’s gone through a lot of change in the past decade.


Steps to Improve your Handwriting

Get inspired

Visit websites like:

  • Pinterest
  • Google images
  • Blogs
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr

Draw up samples

Play around with:

  • character spacing
  • character height
  • letter shapes and styles

Decide on your favourite

  • Ease of writing → can it be easy to transition to, is it suited for my way of holding a pen?
  • Usability → notes + fast or precise versus readable by others?
  • Speed
  • Appearance → does it fit your personality or your “brand”?


Practice your handwriting style by writing slowly like my grade 3 self did. I’m not a fan of purposely practicing with worksheets because it’s an unnecessary way to spend your time. Instead, make an effort to transition to your new style whenever you can!


Adapt and modify

Don’t aim for consistency! You can play around with different letter types and see what you like! Eventually, you’ll find what fits.

Now… check out my video on how to improve your handwriting below!


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3 thoughts on “art || how to improve your handwriting”

  1. Year after grade-school year, I received penmanship awards. Speed forward a few decades, and near-daily computer usage ultimately hammered a point: use it or lose it. There are nuns headed south on I-95, packed in a car and armed with rulers, looking for me. Oops. (Yeah, I’m trying to reawaken handwriting these days. It’s paying off, slowly, i.e. I can decipher my scrawls. Woot!)

  2. To be honest your article is informative. I search many site to know about hand writing but I didn’t get the information I needed. I saw your site and I read it. I got some new information from here. I think some of your tips can be applied to those too! Thank you so very much for such informative and useful content. You may like this post on Few Easy Tips: How To Improve My Handwriting

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