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lifestyle || the benefits of a daily routine

Getting into a few daily morning habits has done wonders for me, and it can for you too! In this video, I talk about 4 key reasons you should create a routine for your mornings and nights!

With first period spare this semester, I’ve been able to try out various ways to make my morning productive, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing so. I’ve discovered that starting your day off well is ESSENTIAL to having a good day.

Having a morning routine means establishing:

  • key habits you want to accomplish at the start of each day
  • rules about what you allow and don’t allow in your morning
  • moving your body, turning your brain on, and getting into a good state of mind
  • a schedule for your morning that stays consistent and brings you joy regardless of the rest of your day

Benefits of a Morning Routine

Gets your day going

Having a routine you can fall back on ensures that you don’t waste time in the morning and spiral into a day filled with lazy decisions. Waking up with the whole day ahead of you can be daunting, so starting it with a small and regular routine ensures you don’t have to think much and can get a few things done from the start.

Ensures you accomplish your goals

When it comes to goals like working out, reading more regularly, or writing (those are some of mine), the key to success is CONSISTENCY not PERFECTION. Having a routine is an excellent way to incorporate these goals into your daily schedule in a way that doesn’t interfere with the rest of your day while giving you the added incentive to actually complete them.

Makes you feel accomplished and in control

Most of all, I LOVE the fact that having a morning routine means that school (or work, or what have you) does NOT dominate your life.

Gone are the days of rolling out of bed and dragging myself to school. Having an hour to yourself in the morning makes you feel happy and in control of your day. It also makes you feel accomplished because you tackled a to-do list item only an hour into the day! Go you!

Turn your Mind ON

No one likes a sluggish day. And while sleep has a big role to play in avoiding one, having a morning routine can also help you wake up your mind, body and soul.

If you simply aren’t a morning person, it can still be helpful to have a morning routine. You’ll just want to change up the types of tasks you tackle: maybe you’ll want to do low-energy but productive tasks instead of high-energy ones!

In summary: the purpose (and benefit) of a morning routine is to start your day off well, remind you to be mindful, be gentle, and set your brain, body, and soul in motion. Accomplishing your goals is an awesome added bonus!

Watch the video below (and stay tuned for my upcoming video on what my morning routine looks like)!


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