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organization || may set-up: unedited REAL-TIME bujo paint with me

FINALLY! This month, I started out with the plan to do a starry sky-sort of theme but (as you will see) it started out pretty bad. So I morphed it into something different and I’m so happy with how it turned out! Took me an hour to do – I split it into two sessions because I’ve been really busy these past few weeks with exams.

MUSIC FEATURED: Elisha David’s “Signs and Wonders” album. He approached me to share his copy-right free music and I’ve been absolutely loving his music lately! Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJDlhrTaZKDpnNRmcEweNQ

Also decided not to edit this at all – so enjoy my rambling about nothing in particular. 😉 I’d recommend painting or doing your own bullet journal stuff while watching!


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– Bullet Journal monthly layout printables
– All Mistral Spirit Printables
– My Note-taking series
– Setting up your first Bullet Journal!


– Zebra Mildliner *
– Muji Hexagonal Polycarbonate Gel Ink Ballpoint pen 0.38 Retractable
– Staples AvantNext black pen (available in store only)
– Moleskine Classic Softcover *
– Filofax Executive Notebook (removable pages) *
– Pastel Coloured sticky notes *
– Transparent Muji sticky note case
– Lihit Lab Pencil Case *
* affiliate links

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