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One of the ways to use a notebook I mentioned in my video “16 Ways to Use a Notebook” was to create a Q&A a Week journal where you answer a question each week for five years and then look back and see how your answers change over time.

I’m often asked what questions I have in my notebook, and where I got them from. In essence, they’re mainly journaling prompts I pulled from a variety of sources. If you’re looking for some ideas though, here is the complete list of the prompts I wrote in my notebook, in order starting from the first week of January:

  1. what are your goals this year?
  2. what were the three best and worst things that happened last year?
  3. what is stressing you out lately?
  4. what makes you smile?
  5. can people change?
  6. if you could choose one thing you could do better, what would it be?
  7. who are you in love with?
  8. biggest pet peeve?
  9. what habits would you like to improve at school, work, and with friends/family?
  10. favourite person/best friend at the moment?
  11. do you believe in destiny/fate?
  12. favourite things about yourself?
  13. what activities would you like to pursue outside of your obligations?
  14. what are you working on right now?
  15. what is the last item you purchased?
  16. what would your ideal future look like?
  17. what are you grateful for?
  18. what would your career look like in the future?
  19. where do you want to be in six months, five years, ten years and why?
  20. what did you do this week?
  21. what do you like best about your body today?
  22. describe your ideal social life in the future
  23. what was the biggest mistake you made this week?
  24. three things you would do if you weren’t so afraid?
  25. what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  26. if you could create a habit, what would it be? what about getting rid of a habit?
  27. what would you like to learn more about in the next six months, two years, five years?
  28. what inspires you?
  29. describe what your ideal family would look like – ideal partner, parents, children?
  30. what can you do better than anyone else?
  31. write down the three last text messages you sent
  32. share some good advice
  33. happiest moment this week?
  34. any regrets?
  35. what did you do this summer?
  36. what makes you cringe?
  37. dear future me…
  38. what are your favourite books, movies, songs?
  39. think about two or three people you most admire and why? what qualities do they possess that you wish you had?
  40. what are the top 5-10 characteristics you look for in a romantic partner?
  41. what do you wish you could re-do?
  42. do you believe in life after death?
  43. how do you feel?
  44. do you feel appreciated?
  45. what is the future you want to avoid?
  46. do you workout?
  47. is there anything you feel guilty about?
  48. what really pissed you off this week?
  49. if you could give yourself a gift, what would it be?
  50. what would your perfect day be like?
  51. who are the most important people in your life?
  52. what inspires you or who inspires you and why?
  53. what did you do this christmas?
  54. how was your year? Accomplishments, regrets, memories?

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