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Hey there!

I am currently looking into potentially selling some of my artwork as prints. They would be printed on thick cardstock paper with glossy laser ink (slightly elevated, with texture). You can choose to have it glossy laminated or not.

image1 (1)

However, I have two options:

  • sell on Etsy, which involved a bit of a hassle and also involves several fees I must pay to host on Etsy.
  • sell through this website by communicating directly with buyers via email, which is more informal and would allow me to sell the prints at a slightly lower price.

If you are interested in this project, it would help me a lot if you filled out this interest form (also found below if you scroll down) for me to gauge its potential. Please fill it out if you would consider buying any of the prints shown below! Thanks a bunch in advance for your support! <3

SURVEY: click here


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