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lifestyle || what i learned: my first month at Queen’s university

Hi! I'm Ioana and I'm studying Commerce at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. This is an update sort of video in which I talk about what university has been like so far, what I've learned and share some advice for high school students entering university! P.s. So sorry about the poor quality - the night… Continue reading lifestyle || what i learned: my first month at Queen’s university

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writing || know yourself

My high school philosophy class once touched briefly upon a paradox whose name I don't remember but whose topic intrigued me. The question was: are we the same person all our lives? Is "Ioana" (that's me!) a consistently defined entity? You might instinctively shout yes, because after all, you've got memories that belong to you… Continue reading writing || know yourself

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lifestyle || office room tour

Before taking my office apart for move-in to my new university dorm room, I thought I'd film one final look at it and show you how I organize it! This is my office at home, and was my room throughout high school.