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day in the life at Queen’s University | VLOG!

TODAY was AWESOME! Follow me around campus to see what a busy, productive Tuesday of a first year commerce student at Queen’s University looks like. My first vlog ever was so much fun to film!

What I did today (Tuesday, February 5, 2019:

  • workout at the gym
  • laundry
  • class
  • thrift shopping + cafe downtown (in the 1.5 hour break between my two classes)
  • club exec meeting
  • study + work!

The day was a 9am to 1:30am kind of day – which is not typical (I usually try to get to bed before 12). But then again, none of my days are consistently scheduled. I hate routine!

I particularly love this vlog because it’s a great combination of things that have been helping me stay healthy and happy over the winter months. I struggle a lot with massive slumps of energy when it gets cold, but going to the gym, eating well, managing my mindset, podcasts, and making time for fun is key!


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  1. I randomly across your YouTube channel and fell in love with it! Therefore I decided to follow you on WordPress as well! Ive taken inspiration from one of your videos and have based my blogger’s journal off of that! Keep up the good work!

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