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video || SIMPLE Bullet Journal Set-up for University | 2nd Year in Queen’s Commerce

For my second-year university bullet journal, I’ve decided to try and get the best of both worlds! I want to share it with you – but I also want to continue using it for everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything: journaling, sketching, note-taking, interview prep, workout planning, project outlining and deadline tracking. To do this, I’ve moved my diary upside-down and to the back of the book! I also made a new spread with some sketching ideas.

Today, I walk you through all these changes, as well as:

  • all the spreads I use in uni
  • the materials I use
  • how I customize and add flair after the fact

Washi tape in the video was kindly gifted by The Washi Tape Shop. Here’s a link that lets them know I sent you! http://www.thewashitapeshop.com?aff=96

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