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As I spoke about in my latest video, “top tips for moving in and living alone“, grocery shopping and cooking is one of the big challenges that you will encounter if you’re moving out of your parents’ house for the first time.

In preparation for the new school year and many people taking this big first step towards adulthood, I put together a grocery shopping list – complete with blank spaces for your own food choices – for you to use the next time (or first time!) you go grocery shopping.

what to do with this list

  • bring it to the grocery store with you so you don’t forget anything
  • magnet it to your fridge for collective grocery planning with your housemates
  • copy out the ideas into your bullet journal for go-to groceries
Clearly I hate making salads in the summer. They’re too fresh and not delicious at all.

tips when grocery shopping on a time & money budget

  • Snacks are the most expensive food group. Where possible, buy whole ingredients that you can cook into meals. Not only will this keep you satiated longer, but it will also cut your grocery bill, which can add up quickly!
  • Buy your own coffee and make it at home! A Starbucks coffee every morning adds up quickly also.
  • When shopping for vegetables, look for ones that don’t spoil quickly. Mushrooms, cucumbers and spinach are culprits for this. Instead, try cooking with bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots and arugula/kale.
  • Create and stick to a few simple, quick and nutrient-dense meals. That way, you can plan ahead and avoid buying things you don’t need. It’ll also make your weekly or bi-weekly grocery shop that much more efficient. If possible, try making these one-pot or one-pan meals too!
  • Consider the nutrients. When buying things like granola bars, I now look in the protein bar section instead – most of the time, these bars are more worth the money because they’re packed with healthy fats, proteins and micro nutrients to snack on. Rather than go for the empty dessert bars that are often disguised as granola bars, you get more bang for your buck and bar by shopping for denser foods!
Click on the photo to download this printable. Alternatively, visit this link.

Do you have other tips to share for people grocery shopping on a budget, for the first time, or in a hurry? Share them in the comments below!

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