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organization || how i use Google Calendar | calendar blocking for focus & efficiency

Writing to-do lists is only half the battle to staying organized. The other half is managing your time well, and there’s no better tool for blocking out time chunks in your day-to-day life than Google Calendar!

Today I’m bringing you a much-requested video as I explain 5 key components of my Google Calendar scheduling system, detailing exactly how I use this great tool – along with my bullet journal – for staying on top of university, blogging, and daily schedule planning.

in the video, how i…

  • colour-code my different calendars for different areas of my life
  • plan my daily schedule
  • modify my daily schedule if things change (and they do!)
  • integrate Google Calendar with my bullet journal (they don’t overlap!)
  • use Google Calendar as an editorial calendar for blogging and marketing

I swear by this method, and have been using it – and building on it – for many years now. Try it out, and you’ll likely find that you are more focused on the tasks at hand, forget fewer things, and are more productive each day.

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