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video || bullet journal for exams: 4 productive studying spreads

Studying for midterms, tests, and final exams is so much easier and low-stress if you’re organized! In this video, I explain the FOUR spreads I use to plan my studying schedule, stay motivated, and STICK TO IT at university.

Let me know in the comments what spreads you use when studying!

The spreads in this video should help you:

  • prioritize your studying goals (studying goals spread)
  • manage your time (Google calendar – see my recent video for how to “calendar block”) – stay on track (calendar spread with deadlines)
  • maintain healthy habits (Google calendar + daily spreads)
  • manage your mental health and motivation (mental health strategies spread + holiday bucket list ideas spread)

NUMBER ONE TIP: stay organized and on top of your school course content throughout the year. In other words, do your readings and pay attention in class as best as you can so that when it’s time to be tested, you’re already prepared and all you’re doing is revision.

Thanks Daer for being a wonderful editor to work with on this video! (His details are below!)

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