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Reality is what you are living, not what you are planning for.

Highs and lows are a part of being human, and one of the best ways to make use of all those states is to write about how they feel.

When I’m sad, I describe how and why.

When I’m happy, I journal about what got me there.

This technique is a sly way to give yourself advice from all those different vantage points and perspectives. I’ve been doing it since I got to university, and the spread below in my bullet journal is an exam-themed compilation of those strategies!

When you’re feeling…

guilty and tense

Do not punish yourself. Treat yourself like a friend and keep the promises you made to yourself.

unhappy about the situation

Be grateful. You’ll wish to be here one day.

Ask yourself: will this matter in five years?

Don’t let the dissatisfaction with the situation overtake your entire day, mind and schedule.

unmotivated and lazy

Get yourself out of the house to go to the gym, go for a walk, do yoga or meet with friends.

Do a little bit here and there; it does not need to be big or perfect!

Most importantly, get enough sleep and treat yourself to the occasional indulgence!


Chat with a friend in the same boat as you to shift your perspective and realize you’re not superhuman.

Stop trying to achieve perfect results in everything you do. Set your standards a little lower.

Fall in love with yourself – wherever you are is the best place to be at this moment.
You are your higher self.

and remember…

There are only so many
weekends you can live for,
summers you can wait for,
and winters you can
beg to end,
before all you are doing
is wishing through life.
Have you stopped to love today
or are you already
dreaming of all the
next times?

Beautiful words by @jennaececelia

Having a project or a hobby or something going on other than what my main priority is at the moment (like school) helps keeps me sane. That something else makes it fun to be here, right now, rather than wishing for something else.

Going to cafes is also another of my favourite ways to enjoy an unpleasant task, which is why if you follow my Instagram page, you’ll see lots of pictures of coffee shops and warm drinks!

Hope you loved these ideas!
Let me know down in the comments what other strategies you use to enjoy the present moment, regardless of how enjoyable it really is!

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