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lifestyle || strategies to cope with fluctuations of self-worth

We’re human. 🙂

Sometimes we waste our time. Other times, we do too much and get overwhelmed. Sometimes we sleep in (I did today lol), other times we go to bed too late. And sometimes we just plain fail.

If you’re very conscientious, sensitive, or a perfectionist, these small moments of failure can push down your self-worth bit by bit. It doesn’t make sense but it happens, and if your mental immune system is a bit down, it can get you down.

Every few weeks, I wake up feeling scattered for no one particular reason, but a million tiny ones. Yesterday was one of those days, and one way I cope is taking inventory of these feelings and disassembling them until: I see them as an outsider, invalidate them, and accept that they’ll pass. This spread in my bujo was just that and I wanted to share it.

These feelings come in cycles, and valleys are inevitable.

When you feel them coming – and it often starts with just a bit of negativity replacing the positivity – don’t let it become a self-perpetuating spiral. In her recent Instagram post, foodfitnessflora pointed out how boring life would be if we felt each feeling for a consistent period in life before moving on to the next feeling. Imagine a few years of just happiness, then a couple of just sadness.

I’d rather just do my best to deal with the fluctuations.

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