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video || how to MOOD BOARD for self-branding & motivation: prompts, layout, design

Set up your personal MOOD BOARD with me in your bullet journal! This is a great practice to help you make decisions that align with your personal goals, create a personal brand and identity, and discover more about yourself and what you stand for! Plus, it’s such a fun & cozy Sunday-morning activity, and it’s a moody & aesthetic spread to look back on in your bullet journal!

Thank you to Phomemo for sponsoring this video and sending me their M02 thermal printer to use! You can get your very own with my 10% discount code MISTRALSPIRIT or link:


  1. who/what are you right now?
  2. what words or quotes speak to you?
  3. where do you want to be and how do you want to feel in 5 years?
  4. what are your symbols and colours?
  5. what are your fashion and architecture styles?
  6. lifestyle, attitude, favourite drinks?
  7. what unique value or skill do you contribute to your teams and projects?

my pinterest mood board

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