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organization || planner VS bullet journal | which one do you need? | ad

How do you decide between a planner and a bullet journal? There’s pros and cons to each organizational system, and you’ve got to pick the one that suits your goals, lifestyle and preferences!

Get some inspiration by seeing what a bullet journal and planner could look like, how you can transfer from one system to another, and ultimately – how to choose your favourite!

A huge thank you to Clever Fox for sponsoring this video and gifting me the two planners I used to help you pick between the organizational systems!

the questions

Here are some questions to get you started. Keep track of how many your answer YES and NO to!

  • Do you often make lists?
  • Do you like having everything in one place despite clutter?
  • Do you find setting up a planner spread every month or week appealing?
  • Do you find it hard to get all the planner features you’re looking for in one planner?
  • Is every week different for you?
  • Do you dislike routine?
  • Are you in an expansive/changing stage of life (vs. a consistent one)?
  • Do you have a low price point?
  • Would you value personalization over aesthetic/professionalism?

If you answered YES to more than half of these – try BULLET JOURNALING!
If you answered NO to more than half of these – PLANNING might be for you!

the Pros and Cons

both systems

  • SPEED | depending how you use them, both systems can be as fast or as time-consuming as you like!
  • ORGANIZED | you’ll need something that’s more organized than your chaotic life if it’s going to work!
  • GOAL SETTING | a good organization system will help you set and accomplish your goals, with reflections along the way.
  • CREATIVE & CRAFTY | you can really do this with any system! It’s all about HOW you get creative with it.
The Clever Fox Planners are an excellent blend between personalization and structure.

unique features of a planner

  • INSPIRING | the preset layouts can give you ideas and provoke some good reflection!
  • STRUCTURED | planners are very systematic and this can make it easier to flip to the pages you need in a hurry.
  • PROFESSIONAL | because someone else professionally made it, your planner may be more suited for a professional environment.
  • AESTHETIC | don’t fret if you’re not an artistic type, since your planner can fill that role for you!

unique features of a bullet journal

  • FLEXIBLE | you can literally do anything with your bullet journal. Anything.
  • PERSONALIZED | there’s no constraints on space, topics, or prompts!
  • ARTISTIC | blank notebooks are the perfect inspiration to get artsy, crafty, and messy.
  • CLUTTERED | speaking of messy – most bullet journals are simply chronological, which can be hard to index and search.
  • POSSIBLY TIME CONSUMING | this is highly dependent on you, but generally having to set up your own spreads can take longer.
  • LESS EXPENSIVE | plain notebooks, lined notebooks, that cheap dollar store notebook – they’re all bullet journals!

the video

Check out Clever Fox’s awesome line of planners and dot grid notebooks!

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Clever Fox’s planners are beautiful AND functional. If I were to make a planner, it would look very similar to these bullet-journal-inspired layouts. There’s gratitude logs, reminders to reward yourself for your accomplishments, and a habit tracker – all with a level of customization and personalization that is rare in regular planners.

Do you prefer a planner or a bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below!

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