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lifestyle || workout motivation, strategies + how to write your own!

Get the tools and strategies to create a healthy, fit and active lifestyle for yourself! In this blog post and video, we’re talking about:

  • 3 benefits of fitness (and if it’s still worth it if you’re not seeing results!)
  • 12 strategies that help me get motivated every single day
  • your workout options and how to pick your favourite way to be active
  • four reasons NOT to workout, DEBUNKED! (people stare, getting sweaty, unpleasant, procrastination)
  • how to write your OWN workout in your bullet journal! (12:12)
  • other resources (13:40)

I make fitness a priority in my life and workout at least THREE times a week. It wasn’t an easy journey to get motivated and educated, but the benefits of being regularly active are SO WORTH IT and I am so grateful I got here.

In this video, I combined every single thing I would have wanted to tell myself five years ago. Hope this inspires and motivates you to create an active lifestyle, too!

workout printable

video notes

I took notes on what I wanted to cover in the video and what I would tell myself if I ever felt unmotivated to go to the gym.

You can watch the video for everything I have to say, or read the brief outline below (with timestamps) to skip to the part you want to see!

3 benefits of movement (1:18)

  1. regulates your breathing (1:24)
  2. stretch and mobilize (1:32)
  3. focus and train for perseverance (1:41)

BONUS: it’s a project all about YOU (2:08)

is it still worth it if you’re not seeing results? (2:28)

First of all, the benefits with regard to regulating your breathing will always be there. In effect, doing any kind of movement is like a form of meditation.

However, if you’re not seeing results you may want to consider challenging yourself even more! Just keep in mind that consistency is everything, so put more energy into being consistent with your workout than in making them irregular but extremely challenging.

strategies and where to start (3:26)

Below, I listed all the strategies I explain in the video, along with their timestamps! This is the ULTIMATE collection of everything I’ve learned in the past 3-5 years, since embarking on this lifestyle and working to take charge of my own health and well-being. Hope it helps!

  1. have a messy hair hairstyle (3:30)
  2. schedule your workout into your day (3:44)
    • tip: pair going to the gym with class or a meeting
  3. make yourself a PUMP up playlist (4:11)
  4. dance and get hyper! (4:29)
  5. focus on being badass (4:39)
  6. work on only one lifestyle change at a time (4:53)
  7. do the research to understand the science (5:19)
  8. figure out what you like (5:44)
  9. do it for 3 days in a row before you give up (6:06)
  10. start SMALL. Increase in intensity will come. (6:21)
  11. follow inspiring, active people (7:16)
  12. make a list of workout options you enjoy (7:30)
  13. JUST DO IT. (7:37)

bonus blog tips

  • Find a pre-workout. I love drinking coffee in the morning, and if I’ve had a good night’s sleep then it’s the perfect way to get me in a hyper mood for an early workout!
  • Create a goal. Choosing a workout goal (like being able to do a pull-up) that is NOT based on aesthetics is critical to keeping you interested and seeing the gym as a strength-based project. Without a goal, it’s easy to fall for the aesthetic appeal of working out, and the problem with that is you’ll never be happy. You can always keep getting more toned and more lean! Choosing a skill to work on is more fulfilling!

types of workouts to try (7:43)

At a loss for something you can actually enjoy doing? Try one of these!

  • group fitness class
  • dance
  • soccer
  • tennis
  • badminton
  • volleyball
  • hiking
  • cross country skiing
  • skating
  • running
  • cycling
  • swimming
  • rowing
  • rock climbing
  • plan your own workout
  • yoga
  • go for a walk
  • YouTube workout or app

things to look for

  • something to get you breathing hard
  • something you will enjoy
  • the skillset you want to develop

reasons not to gym… debunked (8:57)

people are looking at me

Prove your work to YOURSELF by: showing up and having fun. How you look or how much weight you can lift while doing it has ZERO importance. If you’re making the time to go to the gym, it means you are a FIT person. It’s already your lifestyle. You’re in. That’s all that matters.

Just like all you need to do to be a writer is WRITE, all you need to do to be fit is be ACTIVE.

i hate getting sweaty

The point of your gym time is that it’s the time to get sweaty. Shed your stiff professional clothes and move your body!

Also, if you don’t want to wash your hair after every workout, my favourite tip is to find some messy, sweaty hairstyles that still look great!

working out is unpleasant

Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard. Start with something a bit lighter.

Also, just be consistent with something less daunting first. Once you start enjoying and craving it, then go ahead and get more experimental and inspired.

i just can’t get myself to go!

The best strategy to this is to tag your workout onto the end of another activity, like class. Piggyback off of that momentum to change and walk to your workout space.

how to write your own workouts (12:12)

First, I have a list of workout exercises that I know I like. Generally, I prefer non-jumping (low impact), and technical moves that involve either more balance or strength.

Then, I create my structure. Based on my research, I’ve found a three-circuit, three-exercise workout works really great for me!


Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3


Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6


Exercise 7
Exercise 8
Exercise 9

I generally choose to either focus on legs, arms, or core with my workout.

Then, I fill in the structure with the workout moves. I typically reserve the first circuit for warm-up, the second for the workout focus (arms or legs), and the third for core (ab exercises or a burnout).

other resources (13:40)

Natacha Oceane

Yoga with Adriene

Sarah’s Day

Sydney Cummings

Demi Bagby @demibagby

Google Scholar

Mistral Spirit printable

Let me know in the comments what strategies you use to stay motivated! Or, have I missed a really good resource? Share your favourite personal trainers or articles!

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