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lifestyle || my morning routine when social distancing

On Friday, March 13, my university announced that classes would be suspended for one week, to start again remotely afterwards. I had already begun to pack my bag, so that day I loaded everything into the car and drove home.

I don’t visit home very often – maybe once every month or every couple months. The first couple days gave me some time to adjust to the new environment and to catch up with my parents. Then, I decided to hunker down and figure out how I would deal with the sudden change.

what we need right now

I wrote out a short list in my bullet journal:

  • connection
  • hope
  • happiness –> humour
  • memories (sketch?)
  • structure
  • purpose –> learn, create

the solution

In addition to some important habits like working out, listening to a morning podcast, and spending time in the fresh air, I decided to start doing morning livestreams over on Instagram.


Each morning at 8:30 am (though I recently changed that to 9 am), I answer the following questions:

  • What did I do yesterday
  • What did I learn yesterday
  • What do I wonder
  • What am I loving

The livestreams are all saved in IGTV as an archive of the history we’re living through. The intention behind the livestreams is threefold:

  • create STRUCTURE
  • CONNECT our community
  • inspire and MOTIVATE to tackle each day with focus


Then, I used the principles from a video I posted two years ago titled “my real morning routine” to create a schedule. It was my schedule in my final year of high school when I had three spares in the morning and LOTS of free time to deal with. 🤪

the morning

I changed it up a bit, and then drew it into my bullet journal to share with you guys!

Here is an overview of my current schedule:

7:30 AM

wake up, have breakfast, listen to a podcast or music

8:30 AM

10 minute livestream on Instagram:

  • What did I do yesterday
  • What did I learn yesterday
  • What do I wonder
  • What am I loving

8:45 AM

writing time – I’ll write for the blog or anything I’ve been thinking about lately

10 AM

workout time: I usually write my own or follow a YouTube video

11 AM

start tackling the to-do list for the day

And that’s my current strategy! I’ve been playing around with different wake-up times because while I really love making the most of the morning, I generally get to sleep around 11 or 11:30 and find that 8 hours is not always enough sleep for me to have an energized day.

We’ll see how that goes!

What are some things you’ve been doing in the morning to keep yourself happy and focused while social distancing?

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