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video || 12 spread ideas for stress & uncertainty + bullet journal APRIL flip through

Bullet journaling is my favourite form of therapy when I feel stressed or anxious, and now is a better time than ever to turn to it for help! Today I’m sharing the 12 spreads I used to relieve some of the stress surrounding the world’s current uncertainty. They are prompts for you to brainstorm in your bullet journal, and help with getting motivated, feeling less anxious, and making the most of your social distancing situation!

I also flipped through my entire bullet journal and showed you my April set-up spread!

P.S. I promise those green plants were supposed to be fern … still working on that one.

the 12 spread idea prompts

  1. brain dump of tasks to do long-term
  2. strategies for working from home
  3. brainstorm ideas or ways to: create structure, connect, motivate
  4. create your morning routine
  5. list some regular “maintenance” tasks (or habits)
  6. monthly habit tracker
  7. deadlines calendar for planning out your month
  8. research ways to be motivated to work out (check out my video)
  9. favourite workout moves list
  10. daily journal – I use the prompts what did I DO, LEARN, WONDER, and LOVE in my daily 9am Instagram CHECK-INs!
  11. things you’re grateful for
  12. draw and sketch!

some great video resources

What is your theme for your April set-up? Let me know in the comments below, and share what your favourite spread prompt for stress and uncertainty was!

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