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I’ve had so many mixed feelings ever since this all started but have also taken it as an opportunity to work on my mental “narratives” without the distraction of my relationships or external obligations. Here’s one thing I’ve been telling myself a lot lately. In fact, I first posted it over on Instagram but felt that it needed its own blog post also.


Reality is what you ARE living, not what you WANT to be living.

Easier said than done, but making the most of your situation doesn’t JUST mean finding positive things about staying home right now. It means allowing yourself to feel sad if you feel sad. Allowing yourself to skip your workouts if you feel tired (in case you couldn’t figure it out, that’s the difference between the two pictures). Allowing yourself to take space if you’re feeling suffocated.

In my experience, as soon as you actually, entirely, with your WHOLE heart, accept yourself HOWEVER you are experiencing your reality, the magic happens. You’re suddenly empowered to make change from a place of love rather than punishment.

Rational planning only gets you so far – but if you accept yourself enough to WANT to DO GOOD for yourself, THAT’S when you start developing good nutrition, fitness and mental health habits.

And finally, a quote from Lord of the Rings that has stuck in my head since the very last public outing I had before everything blew over was Lord of the Rings Live in Concert.

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