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lifestyle || let’s get motivated | no-fail, 4-step, 20-mins jump start!

Let’s get MOTIVATED in 20 minutes and 4 practical steps!

Grab your bullet journal or a piece of paper and a pen to get started!

Here’s an overview of what we’re talking about today. Before or after you start on these steps, you can even add the same simple spread to your own bullet journal! If you do, tag me in it @mistralspirit or DM/email it to me. I’d love to see it!

The comic in the background is from a yearly calendar I got by Grant Snider from Incidental Comics. I absolutely ADORE his work, and the comic is perfect for this piece on motivation.

Genius is 1% inspiration, 29% perspiration, 5% improvisation, 8% aspiration, etc. etc… You get the gist. 😉

in short

Today we’re talking about FOUR practical, straight-forward, simple steps to get you in the right mindset:

Pick that high-priority task you’ve been putting off, give yourself 15 minutes to set-up your physical and mental space, and remind yourself three things: your WHY, your ENJOYMENT, your TIME. Scroll down to see what I mean.

And finally, one last reminder from @senada.greca and @crush.it.crew before we get started:

NO magic and NO motivation is required to CRUSH it daily.

let’s get motivated!

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What is one reminder, quote or pep talk you tell yourself to get motivated to CRUSH those tasks? Comment below what yours is!

P.S. here’s another great post on motivation from @senada.greca‘s Instagram! (That’s where I got the quote about NO magic and NO motivation needed.)

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READ BELOW: How To Stay Motivated! – SAVE + LIKE + SHARE + REFERENCE LATER 💚 – 1 of the questions I get asked most: How do stay motivated? – So, here is the step by step, magic recipe to get motivated & Crush It: ▪️Step 1 – Get it out of your head! NO magic & NO motivation required to crush it daily ▪️Step 2 – Find your WHY! Find your reason behind wanting to get/stay fit. For me, is “paying respects to my body”… our bodies do so much for us, so I want to keep it as healthy as possible for the long run. I want to do all the things I enjoy till I get called home. Find your “Why” and keep your eye on the prize! ▪️Step 3 – Place importance on your MENTAL HEALTH. For me, being physically active and healthy, has translated to being mentally healthy. It has helped me overcome depression and anxiety. Not wanting to be back in those dark states, keeps me moving, even when I don’t feel like it. ▪️Step 4 – Create the HABIT of moving daily. Have a daily calendar and strike the day on which you moved/exercises, even for a little bit without breaking the chain. If you don’t think you can do a whole workout, tell yourself to just get up and do something. If you can’t do 3 sets of 8 exercises, do 1 sets of 4. The idea is to get moving and with that you create a habit. HABIT is what will keep you crushing it. Not motivation. ▪️Step 5 – One day at a time and CELEBRATE the little victories along the way. Focus on today. Focus on the now and your mini accomplishments will add up over time. ▪️Step 6 – DON’T berate yourself! If you had a bad day, if you didn’t work out or ate “badly”, let it go. It’s okay! Move on and get back on track. ▪️Step 7 – STOP Comparisons. We’re all walking a different path. We all have different starting points and attributes. It’s ok to appreciate others, but most importantly, APPRECIATE yourself!!! ▪️Step 8 – Practice PATIENCE! Promise you, the results will come. Complete the above steps, put in the consistent work, and you will reap the benefits. Nothing worthwhile was achieved overnight! Good things take time. So gift yourself that time! – Sorry this was the abbreviated version 💚 – Photo @kai.york.official – #motivation #fitnessmotivation

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