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lifestyle || productive at-home vlog | my daily routine, workout + a dramatic pasta dinner

Guys. I had SO much fun editing this video.

You’ve gotta watch it to understand what I mean. Complete with music-timed workout sequence and a dramatic and very Italian pasta-making dinner, I have to say my entire YouTube career has led up to this moment.

Every day is totally ordinary but also very unique – I think this represents my typical day-in-the-life during this social distancing period in light of COVID-19.

so here goes…

A dramatic rendition of what I do every day at home these days. A very ordinarily un-ordinary day of my morning routine, working out, studying for my finance exam, blogging and cooking (an excellent pasta dinner, if I do say so myself)! Just motivated to make the most of each day – and to add some fun(nies) in there from time to time, too.

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