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lifestyle || why you should make a priority list for your free time, too

Happy first Monday of May! Let’s chat about mindful priorities today.

In my view, there are 3 states of productivity: the first is a positive Flow State – you’re getting things done AND enjoying the work. The second is when you’re getting things done (maybe it’s mostly admin tasks/busywork) but you’re not in the mood so you’re relying on a system to push you through. For both of these, making a prioritized list and then going through a few steps to pump yourself up can help LOADS.

The image in this photo is by Grant Snider! He is an incredible illustrator whose work I love!

The third is a state where you don’t HAVE urgent things to get done. But you also don’t have a particular motivation to be “busy” again, either. This could happen if you’ve finished school, or got home after a long day at work. How do we make the most of that time then?

Rather than make fake-work up for yourself to feel productive, or spend your day on a screen to “relax”, THIS is as important a time as any to revisit priorities.

Your new list of non-urgent priorities is going to take some hard inner thinking. Here are my 3 rules for these priorities:

  1. They involve some kind of MASTERY or ACCOMPLISHMENT.
  2. They ALREADY inspire an intrinsic motivation.
  3. They are CHALLENGING enough to keep you interested.

If you’ve managed to create a set of priorities that are a TRUE match for your sub-conscious priorities, then the “mindless” things you do now become a source of growth and mindfulness!

Maybe it’s becoming an expert at a new hobby, like gardening. Now you’re watching YouTube and reading articles targeted towards that.

If it’s completing a painting, then your time is now utilized towards an accomplishment.

If you’ve decided to prioritize using your body to stay active, you’re now choosing your tasks MINDFULLY based on that priority.

What do you think of this short tip? Also, what would your priority be for your free time?

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