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art || shop launch announcement: June 1, 2020

Do you want your desk space looking like this? READ ON for my CRAZY fun announcement!

For the past week I’ve been working hard researching, ordering, and photographing for the first-ever Mistral Spirit SHOP launch. I am so thrilled to bring you FIVE unique pieces and products on June 1, and over the next three weeks I’ll share them & their story with you.

Here’s the deal. Fine art is one of my first loves, but I want a way to bring my most beautiful pieces to your space. The shop will be offering: minimalist fine art prints and practical journal downloads. And it has three very simple missions.

  1. Help you create a beautiful, inspiring and motivating office space and bullet journal/planner (yes, ones that you can photograph).
  2. Pieces and products with meaning. The fine art prints are not just pretty – they’re made with a purpose. When you own a piece, you’ll own a story too. Similarly, the journal downloads will always be well-researched, functional and perfected.
  3. Quality. I want to bring these beautiful products to as many of you as possible but will never sacrifice quality.

Cannot wait to share the five products with you. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @mistralspirit for these shop updates!

my shop is live!

Mistral Spirit shop | minimalist fine art prints, practical journal downloads.

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