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ideas || always know your audience: one sales tip to improve your message

In the first of my “Snapshot” series, I’m sharing the story of my sales & sponsorship experience in my last summer internship! This is a lesson that I’ve applied to interviews, answering questions and everyday conversations. It’s all about asking better questions to allow you to give better answers and have more interesting conversations!

Toward the end, I’m also answering today’s update prompts, and explaining my reason for trying out this new series.

Did you like it? Do you have any thoughts to continue the conversation? I’d love to hear!

P.S. Also, does the location change and vlog-style keep things more interesting? I’m getting incrementally more creative with filming & production over time!


00:28 – intro to my last summer internship
02:08 – why I was making a sales pitch: the solar car activity
02:43 – the phone call
05:28 – putting the principle into practice

05:25 – updates
06:33 – what did I learn: reading research studies about caffeine effects
07:07 – what do I wonder: how can you make “scripted” sound natural?
07:43 – what do I love: reading something I actually enjoy!

08:07 – what is this snapshot series?

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