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organization || 62 bullet journal spread ideas in 3 minutes | practical & organized

In the 6 years of staying organized using a bullet journal, I’ve tried and created 62 completely unique and functional spreads. This video will be a quick, categorized flip through all of them, to inspire you with your own planners and lists! And since we’re all about productivity, we’ll do it in under 3 minutes!

Cover pages

  1. Bullet journal cover page
  2. This year’s cover page
  3. Word of the year cover page
  4. An index 


  1. Your current morning routine
  2. Tips to reset your sleep schedule.
  3. Strategies for working from home
  4. Regular maintenance habits or tasks I’d like to do daily
  5. Habit tracker
  6. Lifestyle habits goal bars.
  7. Ways to set the mood for motivation
  8. Quick tips to get motivated or a motivation process.
  9. Gym motivation
  10. Workout moves bank for writing your own

Meals and Recipes

  1. Types of coffee to order or make
  2. Favourite recipes
  3. Food groups tracker
  4. Meal planner and tracker

Organization & Strategy

  1. Monthly events schedule
  2. Monthly deadlines planner for school
  3. Planning my notes and organization system 
  4. My bullet journal system
  5. Winter break plan
  6. Finance tracker


  1. Graphic design guidelines.
  2. A mood board
  3. Title font ideas
  4. Washi tape swatch
  5. Nice things to draw
  6. Diary cover page
  7. Colouring page
  8. Journaling pages
  9. Travel sketching
  10. Nature sketches and drawing or painting practice
  11. A drawing challenge
  12. Empty spread I never filled in
  13. Countdown to an event – like Christmas


  1. What does success mean to you
  2. Mental health strategies for when I’m feeling low
  3. Favourite quotes – I can never seem to fill this one in
  4. Things I like about me
  5. Things I like about the world
  6. About me self-branding spread
  7. Drafting my “toolkit” tattoo

Lifelong learning

  1. Reasons you love to learn
  2. This week in learning
  3. Cool things you’d like to learn someday
  4. Books to read, categorized
  5. Reading challenge 
  6. Notes from a book I read
  7. Notes from a lecture, course or class
  8. Online learning platforms to try
  9. Favourite podcasts
  10. Podcast recommendations
  11. Blog post outlining

To Do Lists

  1. Fun stuff to do in your free time
  2. Things to do when you’re bored
  3. Summer bucket list
  4. Life bucket list, or what I call an apocalist.
  5. Long term projects
  6. Milestones of the year
  7. Spread ideas

Which spread do you plan to try next? Comment below!

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