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Virtual school will be different, but there are ways to make the most of the situation. You can still replicate the campus, social life, extra-curricular, and education experience at home!

This video is for all the freshmen, undergraduate and graduate students getting ready to start online courses at college or university in the fall.

I focused especially on how to build relationships, friendships and make connections despite being online – I really hope these will help you have a fulfilling and FUN school year!

And an updated version of this graphic as of January 2021… Who would have thought that we’d be doing this for two semesters and not just one?

All of these experiences (and research) have informed the tips I’m sharing today:

  • Going into my 3rd year studying Commerce within the Smith School of Business, at Queen’s University
  • Am an undergraduate Teaching Assistant for an online course
  • Have taken several online courses through Coursera and the Classical Learning Resource Center
  • Completed a fully virtual summer internship in audit at Ernst & Young

And check out this great article on online learning.

the tips

Visit the YouTube page for timestamps that link directly to that section of the video.


  1. Stay active during your breaks
  2. Optimize your environment
  3. Get dressed and ready for the day
  4. Make a list of “regular maintenance” tasks
  5. Take initiative to practice living on your own
  6. Make the most of being virtual


  1. Reach out to anyone you find interesting
  2. Keep a journal of anecdotes, people & events
  3. Reply to messages ASAP
  4. Create a PUBLIC personal brand
  5. Complete all intro posts
  6. Talk about ideas
  7. Come to every conversation with a project YOU are working on
  8. Ask questions and listen
  9. Consider different mediums
  10. Start a group chat
  11. Have a backup plan


  1. Make a list of personal interests and hobbies
  2. Actively seek out other people (upper years) with your interests
  3. Join Facebook groups and university chats to stay in the know
  4. Sign up for webinars or talks


  1. Attend the LIVE classes
  2. Say your name before talking
  3. Give feedback
  4. Actively listen
  5. Create a productivity schedule
  6. Create a study plan and stay organized
  7. Organize your files
  8. Start early on assignments
  9. Do course material off the computer
  10. Ask questions
  11. Supplement your learning
  12. Study with friends online
  13. Study with people from other disciplines

How will you be making the most of the online experience?
Share your thoughts in the comments!

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