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ideas || why I cut down on coffee & how caffeine affects productivity

A month ago, my 6-cup aluminum moka pot temporarily went out of commission after losing an oxidation battle with the dishwasher. What followed was a week of cold-turkey ending my habitual caffeine intake, and a period of severe headaches, fatigue and unhappiness. I was experiencing Caffeine Withdrawal! This got me thinking about the effects of coffee, and whether it might not be good to decrease my intake a bit. I also wanted to find out if decreasing my caffeine dosage in the long-term would make my quality of life worse than continuing to drink a compound that 80% of awesome people drink on the daily.

And so I embarked on the notorious Google Search. Realizing this wasn’t the way to go about educating myself (I could make a pillow out of the fluff in those articles), I then went down the rabbit hole of reading scientific studies via Google Scholar, and found some exciting tidbits of information! It’s confirmed: I’ll be decreasing my coffee intake to get a better grasp on my body’s fatigue signals, without fear of losing out on my high-energy, productive lifestyle!

resources mentioned |
1994 study showing performance improvements with coffee | 1995
study on managers showing performance improvement but not in complex tasks | 2005
review discussing the three methods and positing that many studies only show the effects of withdrawal |
1998 J.E. James study with 4 weeks and 4 challenges showing the withdrawal effect but no performance improvement |

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