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organization || how i take notes as a 4.2 GPA student: complete digital system for success

I LOVE a good organization and productivity system. GOOD systems are what have helped me get a 4.2 GPA (we use a 4.3 scale), land career projects (intern, teaching assistant, freelance marketing consultant), and have time for personal relationships (family, friends, colleagues) and personal goals (I workout nearly every day).

Note-taking in school and university should be efficient and bring you RESULTS. It should also be adaptable for any type and format of course you take. The one I’m sharing today is a refined version of my Mistral Method note-taking system. I like my notes to be pretty, but being FUNCTIONAL and saving me time while also ensuring that I’ve grasped and internalized the concepts I learn is KEY. Going into my 3rd year in Commerce studying at Queen’s University, I use these tools and systems in all my courses, but I’m confident you can apply them to your courses also. Watch the full video (or use my timestamps below) to learn it for yourself!

Pearson Canada has kindly sponsored + provided me textbooks for this video!

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why do I love digital study tools?

  1. Easy to search.
  2. Much faster.
  3. Easy to re-organize.
  4. LIGHT!
  5. Accessible from anywhere!

top tips for digital note taking

This video demonstrates (with examples) my complete digital & analog note-taking system. The focus is on being EFFICIENT, ADAPTABLE, and EFFECTIVE.

Is your note taking digital or analog at the moment?
What top tip would you share with other students to help them get more out of their class and textbook notes?

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