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creativity || when washi tape, fashion and art collide: a compilation of washi outfits

This month, The Washi Tape Shop and I decided to collaborate to bring you a beautiful series of drawings… made out of washi tape!

That’s right – couldn’t you tell that cover photo was made entirely from washi tape?

This is my latest obsession – using a precision knife to cut out shapes or fill boxes with washi tape. And it looks even better when you use the method to create art.

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In this blog post, I thought I’d recap the five spreads I made – one for each Tuesday in September – and what my favourite parts of them were.

The theme? Washi Fashion.

tuesday, september 1

I chose a casual summer look for the first of the series, using some bright, playful patterns. At the time, one of the quotes I was working on listening to more was “do not wait until you are breaking to take a break.”

Also, shout out to that bright yellow bag. I love it. The Washi Tape Shop sent it to me as well, and it’s everything I’d ever want in a tote bag – and then some. The fact it’s got a zipper to close it is just the cherry on top!

tuesday, september 8

Got professional for the first week back after the long weekend with this casual chic look. It’s based off a real blazer I bought in August which I practically haven’t taken off since.

tuesday, september 15

This spread started to get a bit more galactic, which prompted me to include a more scrapbooky, space-travel type feel. I included some vintage stickers from The Washi Tape Shop.

On Instagram, I also talked about how I typically decorate. I used to start out super plain & simple, then decorate with Zebra Mildliners and markers, but now I use a combination of splashes of highlighter/marker colours and lots of washi tape/stickers. It seems to be just a bit quicker and a bit more jazzy than simply markers.

Also, I do most of my decorating AFTER the spread is filled in, as a way of “journaling” some moods/memories.

tuesday, september 22

Grungy? Sharp? Playful? Serious? I can’t quite place this one and I love it. She’s by far my personal favourite of my Washi Fashion series.

The quote on the page is a beautiful one by C. Assad:

Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.

C. Assad

tuesday, september 29

And finally, every good thing has to end somewhere. I wrapped it all up with a bit of an I-don’t-want-the-cold-weather-to-arrive tribute in the best way I know how: denial. This summery skirt and wrapped top screams beach day, but the pumpkins and fall leaves I decorated the flatlay with beg to differ.

Loved taking part in this project – so a huge thank you to The Washi Tape for sponsoring it (and my washi tape addiction)!

If you want to grab some of these gorgeous patterns for yourself, don’t forget about my discount code which gets you 10% off all orders.

Plus, they already offer FREE international shipping so that’s a great deal right there if I do say so myself!

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Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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