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ideas || a journal entry about journal entries + how i take notes to have better conversations

The focus of this episode is on 4 tips to improve your relationships, conversations and meetings using your bullet journal, but I also steered into some personal growth territory! It’s really just a long heart-to-heart chat and journal entry mixed into one (which you can now listen to as a podcast!).

I chat about something I’ve been thinking about lately regarding different types of growth we go through, my very inward-focused, psychology growth phase three years ago, and why I’m grateful to have blogs and journals to look back on.

Speaking of which, I really should start journaling again…

I chat about how you can start your own podcast, and why everyone should write a blog. And I chat about stressful jobs, resilience, some video interviews I’ve been watching lately and learning a lot from, and the board game Catan.


mentioned in the video

Mistral Spirit 3 Wins of the Day template (also saved on my IG highlights)

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

The Catan Universe board game

Evy Poumpouras – start with these videos:

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