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ideas || the keys to writing successful uni + scholarship essay applications | my 5-step process

I’m a Queen’s University Commerce (business) student in 3rd year, specializing in marketing, with my full tuition covered by 2 major scholarships and 5 GPA merit-based awards. Here is how I structured my application essays for Queen’s, the 5 steps to get started & write winning scholarship essays yourself, and my advice to anyone going through application season now!

I’m sincerely grateful to the Queen’s Chancellor’s Major Admission Scholarship and the ADP Henry Taub Memorial Scholarship for enabling my wonderful university education + experience thus far, as well as the DECA Inc. Don de Bolt, Edward King Memorial Award, and the Queen’s D.I. McLeod Dean’s List With Distinction scholarships! NOTE: in high school, I applied for what felt like hundreds of awards and scholarships, so the first step is to try, and do it early so you don’t miss a deadline!

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00:00 intro
01:44 what did I apply for?
04:09 1. apply for as many as you can!
04:20 2. work to be qualified
05:25 3. how to write your story (+ my experience)
07:35 example: how I structured an essay response
09:45 my Queen’s application essays
11:49 4. 3 keys to a successful essay
13:49 5. get many opinions!

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