photography, videos

A Semester in Quebec | 2020

A short film montage of scenes from my third year of university in 2020, spent living in Quebec with my boyfriend as we made the most of remote school & work.

Partly an archive of memories to look back on someday.
Partly an act of reminiscence through feeling. (I love doing that.)
Partly a very simple story about two people and a place.
Partly a documentation of isolation, remoteness and one experience of a period in history.
Partly a collection of favourite songs that described our semester.
Mostly – a romanticization of the very ordinary adventure that is growing up.

music, in order

Hearts by Marty Balin

Hot Stuff by Kygo, Donna Summer

Tous Les Mêmes by Stromae

California Dreamin’ by Freischwimmer

Why iii Love the Moon. by Phony Ppl

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