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join our new Mistral Spirit virtual Vibely community: a place to connect & continue the conversation!

Hello, is this thing on?

If you saw my stories yesterday, thank you for helping me brainstorm for … what?!

Let me explain…

Hey I’m Ioana! Mistral Spirit started as a space for bullet journal systems, organization strategies, creativity, and my journey towards a balanced, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. It’s a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram & Facebook page.

I didn’t hop on just any new platforms that came out (TikTok I’m looking at you 👀) because I wanted to be able to focus on what really mattered: sharing QUALITY, inspiring and high-density content with you.

That’s why I created our book club in May – and I’m just blown away by how many incredible people are already joining us in our monthly reads. So for a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a community for us to continue all these other conversations about organization, creativity, and planning started on Mistral Spirit … in a more personal way.

enter our Vibely community!

Today I’m launching our very first Mistral Spirit virtual space, complete with a Virtual Café (thanks for that suggestion in our brainstorming) and weekly Challenges.

I did this for 3 reasons:

  • As a space to connect, share perspectives, and learn from each other.
  • An inspiration hub. Through the challenges, we’ll curate some of the best advice, inspiration, and creativity from all the assorted thinkers & curious minds who also love the essence behind Mistral Spirit.
  • A source of action. With a community of like-minded individuals, we can stay accountable to our goals and grounded with our expectations.

It’s also a platform that is focused on positivity and is accessible to everyone!! If you don’t have access to Facebook, or Instagram, you can join our community and take part in building relationships and working towards your goals with us!

I’ll share more about this in the coming week … but for now here’s how to join:
Visit and create an account!

And that’s it, you’re part of the Mistral Spirit Community. ♥

You can take part in our first intro Challenge already… I’ll see you there.

5 thoughts on “join our new Mistral Spirit virtual Vibely community: a place to connect & continue the conversation!”

  1. YAAAAYYYY Virtual communities are the best especially during this pandemic! Can’t wait to start this new experience and journey with you and the community ❤️

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