organization || 3 Todoist workflow tips for students | digital task management

I’VE GONE DIGITAL 😲💻 This past month I’ve used a combination of Notion, Todoist, and Google Calendar to organize my ongoing and upcoming projects. Here’s a glimpse at how I’m using Todoist for task management, and 3 tips I’ll be incorporating into my student workflow specifically!

I started using Todoist relatively recently, but in just one month it has completely reinvented my task and time management systems. My bullet journal and Google calendar combination was my tried-and-true planning system since my first year of high school.

However, I am working on increasingly complex projects as I approach my university graduation – including a final year marketing research thesis, part-time consulting with an eCommerce business, managing my blog and YouTube channel, and the courses I am taking at school.

I’ve found Todoist has already improved my productivity in both complex tasks, where I can focus better knowing that I’ll be reminded of tomorrow’s tasks in due time, and simple tasks, which I can schedule for weeks in advance and simply check them off as they come due.

🙋‍♀️ wait, but what about the bullet journal?

I don’t think I’ll be going back to my monthly bullet journal calendars for the time being. They are a FANTASTIC system and I think it was perfect for my needs up until now, but it simply doesn’t afford me the flexibility and the focus I need to stay on top of the projects I’m currently working on, and the online teams I’m working with.

HOWEVER my bullet journal is more than just a deadline calendar – so more to come on how my organization has changed later. 😉

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