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organization || two things I’m still figuring out in Todoist

Managing multiple projects in Todoist has been fantastic so far – it’s flexible, it integrates with Google calendar which I can’t live without, and it’s got well-thought-out features that help with categorizing, grouping and prioritizing tasks.

If you’re a student, I recently shared a 1-minute video with 3 Todoist workflow tips that have helped me so far! Check it out on Reels or YouTube and leave me a comment to let me know which one is the most useful. 😉

In the meantime, I’m still trying to iron out a couple things as September gets under way:

1. What’s the best way to highlight my daily “big buckets”?

Better productivity is all about choosing the right things to spend time on – in other words, prioritization. However, my Todoist has slowly and steadily grown into a long (albeit well-scheduled and categorized) list. I’m considering using the prioritization tags (p1, p2, p3) to make the “big chunk” items for the day stand out every morning.

Alternatively, I can use labels or some other method to simply tag certain items as “focus buckets” or “priorities”. Maybe that’s complicating it.

2. For those deliverables with multiple steps, I’ve got a dilemma…

Should I make the parent task the actual firm deadline? Or should I make the parent task a “submit deliverable” bucket with my planned submission date, with a different sub-task that represents the official deadline? That creates 2 logical dates for my personal and official deadline, but maybe (…?) adds clutter.

Do you use Todoist? How are you making use of the priorities, sub-tasks, project sections, and labels?

I’ll share my system once I’ve used it for at least another month! I want to make sure it’s simple, practical, and as always – transferable (adaptable) to any kind of project you’re working on!

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