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creativity || my october bullet journal setup & tips for decorating yours!

I had fun taking out the washi tapes for my October bullet journal set up and wanted to share the results before the month was up! In this post, I’m sharing:

the spread

I shared a video of my process to Instagram, which you can watch below.

As an aside: I’m still trying to strike the balance with longer-form content (it’s a looming goal of mine to get back to YouTube), and this is one of those things where I can’t decide if it would actually be of enough value to share as a full-length YouTube video. Let me know if you have an opinion on it!

In general, my process looks like this:

  1. Sketch out the functional component. In this case, the layout of the habit trackers.
  2. Choose the colour palette and designs. I used washi tape and stickers only for this spread, which makes it both fun and less involved on my part! It also lets me use other artists’ work in mine, so I’m living vicariously through their artwork.
  3. Try out various layouts via trial-and-error!

All of the washi tapes and stickers I used were kindly gifted by The Washi Tape Shop. While all my active discount codes and affiliate links are always on my Links page, here are the details for this long-time favourite shop of mine!

Use the code MISTRALSPIRIT to get 10% OFF on ALL store items.

FREE international shipping always applies.

Let them know I sent you by using my affiliate link: http://www.thewashitapeshop.com/?aff=96

I earn a 10% commission on anything you buy and that really helps support my business!

review of my bullet journal system

As I’ve mentioned before, I moved to using Todoist for my task management system. However, bullet journaling is by no means obsolete for me!

Here’s what my bullet journal is still useful for because it’s an analog system:

  • Recording scribbley notes during meetings
  • Taking down tasks during class so I don’t pull out my phone in a lecture (we have small class sizes)
  • Habit tracking and time tracking for my various projects
  • Intention and priority setting at the start of the week
  • Creativity and fun!

top tips for decorating

🍂 If you’re going for aesthetic, the colour palette is KEY. I chose this first and had it right next to my work area.

🍂 Trial and error – the wonderful thing about washi tape is that it isn’t permanent! Un-stick and re-stick to your heart’s content.

🍂 Balance. This helps a spread look put-together and visually appealing. Something heavy at the top means an equal weight at the bottom. Juxtapose details and simplicity, bright colour and muted colour, etc.

🍂 As always, functionality first. I usually decorate after my spread is finished for this reason, but some fall-themed fun at the start of the month was obviously warranted!

our vibely community

Have you heard of our Vibely community yet?

If not, Vibely is our very first Mistral Spirit virtual space, complete with a Virtual Café and weekly Challenges that we complete together. It has three purposes:

  • As a space to connect, share perspectives, and learn from each other.
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  • A source of action. With a community of like-minded individuals, we can stay accountable to our goals and grounded with our expectations.

It’s also a platform that is focused on positivity and is accessible to everyone! If you don’t have access to Facebook, or Instagram, you can join our community and take part in building relationships and working towards your goals with us.

our current ongoing challenge

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