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creativity || november 2021 bullet journal spread: browns & pinks

Another month has come and gone and we’re heading into what’s scarily beginning to feel a bit like… winter (at least here in Canada). Happy November! 🍂

In this photo post I’m sharing:

  • My “after the pen” finished October bullet journal spread
  • How I set up for November in my bullet journal, including the colour palette and the habit/time trackers I use each month
  • A reminder that there is 1 week left to complete our November set up Vibely challenge and have your response featured on Instagram!

october after the pen

This is what my October set up looks like when it’s all filled in with time tracking and task scribbles. I say task scribbles because my actual task management system is digital, via an application Todoist. However, I still use my bullet journal for convenience – i.e. if I’m jotting down my order of priority, or keeping track of quick house tasks I need to do during the day.

I’ve left the workouts and sleep trackers visible in case you’re interested. These trackers are more for documentation than motivation – I use them to reflect and/or understand patterns.

my code for the workouts

  • Triangles and dots for upper/full/lower body strength (weighted) workouts
  • Line is for HIIT & core
  • X is for cardio or long walks/hikes!

And as you can tell… I need my sleep!

time for november

Check out the video I shared to Instagram for a quick run-down of my creative process, including my big oops with the habit tracker towards the start! I probably “mess up” over 50% of the time, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a clever cover-up.

The rest of my bullet journal is quite functional and simple at the moment, but I love to set up the monthly habit trackers with a bit of a colour palette and some embellishments.

And… I say it all the time but the colour palette is truly the most critical decision to make if you’re going for an “aesthetic”! This month, I started off by combining two washi tape sets that I think go really well together:

I was gifted both of these sets from The Washi Tape Shop, whom I work closely with to put together new campaigns and content. I actually planned and edited the launch videos for both of these sets, which were among the first of our Artist Collaboration series.

I directed & edited this video from earlier this year!

You can check out the two launch videos on The Washi Tape Shop’s blog, here and here!

discount code

While all my active discount codes and affiliate links are always on my Links page, here are the details for this long-time favourite shop of mine:

10% off all orders at The Washi Tape Shop with the discount code MISTRALSPIRIT
(Free international shipping already included.)

november bullet journal close ups

I was really happy with the outcome, but most of all that clever cover up. When setting up the habit trackers, I accidentally “inverted” the second row. So I opted to instead make three rows, and cover up the middle one with washi tape! Definitely not what I had in mind for the spread at the start, but it was fun to go through a creative process and figure out how to make it work regardless.

our vibely community

Have you heard of our Vibely community yet?

If not, Vibely is our very first Mistral Spirit virtual space, complete with a Virtual Café and weekly Challenges that we complete together. It has three purposes:

  • As a space to connect, share perspectives, and learn from each other.
  • An inspiration hub. Through the challenges, we’ll curate some of the best advice, inspiration, and creativity from all the assorted thinkers & curious minds who also love the essence behind Mistral Spirit.
  • A source of action. With a community of like-minded individuals, we can stay accountable to our goals and grounded with our expectations.

It’s also a platform that is focused on positivity and is accessible to everyone! If you don’t have access to Facebook, or Instagram, you can join our community and take part in building relationships and working towards your goals with us.

our current ongoing challenge

1 WEEK LEFT: NOVEMBER planner set-ups: show us yours!

Every Thursday, I post a new Challenge and it’s open to complete for 2 weeks. You can still complete it afterwards, but those 2 weeks are the time period for having your response included in an Instagram feature (which you can also opt-out of if you choose)!

Visit our virtual community to complete the challenge!

This post includes some affiliate links. If you click through to purchase something I’ve recommended, I may get a small commission at no added cost to you! ♥

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